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This is Glenn

Glenn was born on September 29th 2004. He is the youngest of three children and has an elder brother, Gerald Twenty, and sister Kimberly, Seventeen. He was a healthy, active and happy child, always smiling and full of energy. Sadly, over the holidays, his family noticed he was always tired, had poor appetite, and had frequent dizzy spells. He also seemed pale and was feeling unusually weak. On February 18th of this year, he and his parents heard those 4 dreadful words, “Your child has cancer” and he was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) which requires three years of continuous treatment, mostly chemotherapy.

His father and mother were both in tears as they recounted this overwhelming moment of sheer terror for them as they realized they do not have the funds to help Glenn fight for his life. They know ALL is highly cure-able and Glenn has a very good chance of surviving cancer. Glenn’s dream to be an anime and cartoon artist, but given the high cost of treatment and medications required for the next three years and the fact his father only works intermittently as a driver with no permanent position, they need financial assistance and support so Glenn can regain his health and live to fulfill his dreams.

Do you believe in direct giving?

We were able to raise much more than $4,00 to save Glenn. More information coming soon.

Please sponsor a child’s ongoing maintenance cost for a full years chemo treatment for just $50 a month